Nelsonspirit Future Leaders Fund

Nigel is the founder of the Nelsonspirit Future Leaders Fund. Inspired by a leader of the past (Horatio Nelson), it is funded by the leaders of today, to help grow the leaders of tomorrow.

It makes modest grants to Norfolk young people aged 17-24, who want to grow themselves as leaders while helping others in a community somewhere in the world. By investing in young people and encouraging them to become better leaders, we help them, we help our communities, and we help the planet.

Some of Nigel’s speaking fees are allocated to this trust fund which is managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation.

Lasith, one of our future leaders, working in a school in Sri Lanka
Lasith, one of our future leaders, working in a school in Sri Lanka

In the last 5 years over 50 young people have received grants from the Nelsonspirit Future Leaders Fund to help them deliver projects in local communities which grow them as leaders.

The projects have included reforestation, hygiene and sexual health, clean water, language teaching, community building projects.

The countries have included: Japan, Cambodia, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Belize, Tanzania, Morocco, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Chile, Bangladesh, Uganda, Central America, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Caribbean, Malaysia, Romania, Madagascar, Borneo, Honduras, Ghana, and the UK.

Our partners have included Raleigh International, ICS, VSO, Scouts, Project Trust, Jubilee Sailing Trust and World Challenge.

"Best experience of my life", Evie teaching English
“Best experience of my life”, Evie teaching English & Leadership In Malaysia.