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Nigel Cushion

BSc (Hons), FRSA, specialises in leadership development and performance improvement

Nigel has a lifelong enthusiasm for leadership and helping others lead.
Nigel works today as a mentor, speaker and consultant, and has significant personal experience (+40 years) as a leader in the business and voluntary sectors.

Speaking to leaders and future leaders at a UK University.
Speaking to leaders and future leaders at a UK University.

Nigel has had a varied career starting as an accountant with KPMG, and then working in education before coming into business.

He has significant personal experience as a leader himself. In the last decade he has held nine senior NED board roles, including six as Chairman. He is the former runner-up in the UK Non-Executive Director of the Year awards run by The Sunday Times.

His work has been cited as best practice by the Bank of England, HM Treasury, and the Institute of Directors.

His personal leadership experience also includes 25 years in the voluntary sector as a Scout leader and youth sports coach, leading in the community as well as leading in business. He has published three leadership books. He works in London but lives in Norwich, England, with his family, and is the Founder and Chair of the peer mentoring business Nelsonspirit, which is now in its 16th year, supporting leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.