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Nigel is the author of two leadership books. His most recent is UNDEFEATABLE SPIRIT.

A history book containing 11 leadership lessons from World War One.

UNDEFEATABLE SPIRIT is the story of Albert (Nigel’s grandfather) and the lads from the yards of Norwich and their adventures and incredible journey in World War One.

On the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War, Nigel discovered the incredible journey of Albert his grandfather. This book tells his story through eleven days, using Albert’s imagined voice.

It is a story of fun, comradeship, discipline, professionalism, courage and leadership.

For your copy, please email RRP £15 ( plus P&P).

Captivating author

Nigel is about to publish his first book, to address the number one issue facing leaders today – Stress and Mental Health and the link to Performance, called “Stress! Action Stations! A field manual for leaders and high performers”.

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All the leaders that Nigel mentors receive a copy of his first book, ACTION STATIONS.

A field manual to help leaders deal with the Number One challenge of today: their own stress and mental health.

Packed full of inspiration from sport, from the military, from history and from business. It’s a ‘must have’ field manual for anyone who is leading or trying to perform in the modern age. It helps you understand stress and what is normal, it challenges the myths of mental health, and equips you for when the big attack comes. There are 100 actions you can take to deal with stress, all practically tested by successful contemporary and historical leaders. Most of the book is for everybody, but the final section is specifically for future leaders. Easy to read, and practical.

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“ACTION STATIONS” is also available on the high street in Jarrolds of Norwich (pictured), or via email order on line. For your copy email:


A must read for every leader

Nigel distils 30 years of his own personal experiences dealing with stress in the voluntary, public and business sectors. He also harvests the wisdom gained from mentoring many successful leaders, as well as drawing inspiration from leaders from history. He helps the reader understand the ‘mental health attack’. He provides 100 actions to help deal with stress, improve mental health, and improve performance; and explores the leader’s role in mental health.

 Available here soon.

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